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All About Me

My name is Nicole LaFrancesca and I am currently a sophomore at NHS. I am fifteen years old and have lived in Newtown since i was 7 years old. Before that i lived in Staten Island, N.Y. I have a mother, father, younger brother named Vince, and younger sister named Danielle. I enjoy playing sports. My favorite is soccer which I play year round. I also like to run for the school track team and play softball. In my spare time i like to read and listen to music.

My Expectations for this Class

I look forward to a new start this year in English. I hope to learn a lot this year because freshmen English was not a productive class for me and I learned a very limited amount of new ideas. SInce last year was not a good experience I have alot of expectations for this year's class, which i hope will be fulfilled. For example, I expect that when we begin a project in class it will be completed and graded (I do not want to start projects and not finish them). Additionally, I expect to be assigned things of many different topics. For instance, I hope we do not concentrate on just one style of writing for the entire year. I expect that this class will be productive and look forward to making these webpages because i think it can be a great learning experience since computers have become so important. I hope that this class will not include many classlong lectures, because I do not learn as well when I am forced to sit and listen and have no involvement in the class. I look forward to the year.

My Goals for the Year

This year I hope to improve my learning in many ways. I hope to become a better writer through learning to write many different styles of work. I want to gain more experience at writing introductions and conclusions to essays, because I think they are a very important part of writing, and something that I can improve on. I also hope to improve my close reading skills, because this will help me to do well on the CAPT test. My goal is to enjoy reading this year so that I will like doing the assignments that go along with the books we read. Additionally, as a reader I hope to improve my level of vocabulary. As I listener my goal is to gain more patience so that I can focus on the topic being spoken about and formulate my own opinions on it. I plan on giving my full attention to whoever I am listening to, because that will cause me to gain more and grow intellectually. As a speaker my goal is to gain confidence. I feel that I have a lot of important things to sy, however I am often too shy to express them in front of a class. Therefore, I want to gain the confidence so that I will want to share my thoughts with others. There are also speaking skills that I want to improve. For instance, if I am giving a presentation I need to work on my body language and the tone of voice I speak through. As viewer my goal is to focus on whatit is I am viewing. This is a good goal for me, because it will involve a lot of work on my behalf because in English class last year it was never necessary for me to pay attention to what was being viewed. I hope this year will be a great success for me.

An Accomplishment I've Made

One accomplishment in my writing that I am proud of is what I learned when I was in the Discovery program in middle school. being in that program improved my writing abilities immensly because they taught us all the important techniques when writing. I wrote a paper on sesory details when I was in that class and it got published in the school literature book, and I was very proud of that because I had worked so hard on the essay.

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