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Chapter 2 Journal Entry: Asher Growing Up?

In chapter 2, Asher seems to have forgotten about his capabilities as an artist. He appears to be almost a completely different person. His life and everything in it is changing. .

He goes to school, which seems to take the place of his art work. However, Asher was like a child prodigy when he drew, and when it comes to school, he is a failure. Asher is absentminded when it comes to being a student. He just doesn't care about how he does. For instance, there was an arithmetic test that he was supposed to have, but it kept getting put off. At the very end of the chapter, Asher states, "The test had been postponed from last week to today. But I had forgotten again to study for it" (p. 85). Finally, when Asher does take it he fails it. I think that Asher's trouble in school is strongly reflected by the treatment he receives, or does not receive, for that matter, from the other people in his world. .

Asher is practically ignored by his parents who have "items of global importance to attend to." This affects him a lot because he seems to miss the time he used to spend with them. asher turns to Yudel Krinksy for the companion he can not find at home. However, he still seems to want his parents to show interest in him. By ignoring him they are forcing him to be very independent. However, he does not seem to be maturing by this. I make this statement because when they marginalize him, he is so busy hoping to win their attention, that he forgets about the other important aspects of his life. These include suceeding in school and his gift, which is drawing. My inference for the next chapter is that Asher is going to wind up doing something drastic in order to get some of the much needed attention from his parents. Based on his actions in this chapter, whatever he does will not be a positive thing, either. .

Asher does not have much of a relationship with his father in this chapter since he is always travelling for the Rebbe. His mother, on the other hand is home, but not being the mother she should be. She tells Asher that she is not being a good mother. She feels like a failure too. "I wish I hadn't lost my temper. I told myself that the next time it happened I wouldn't be frightened. But I was a failure." (p. 85). Rivkeh tells Asher this the day after she blows up at him for coming home too late. I think she will try harder to be a good mother in the next chapter, however due to being so busy she will still fail. This will frustrater her and I think it will bring her and Asher even farther apart.

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