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Julius Caesar: Student Response Journal 3

#2. The student should turn to pages 376-378 in Traditions in Literature. Read the passage "The Globe Theater" and write a commentary on how the design of the building would limit or enable a play to be performed.

The passage of the Globe Theater, in London, would enable a play to be performed. The setup of the stage made a lot of sense because it covered all of the necessary parts a play may have. The platform was used for outdoor scenes and the inner and balcony stages were used for scenes which took place inside. This setup provided structure for the performance of plays. Having two stages for indoor scenes, the inner and balcony, made the plays convenient to perform. The people setting up backstage would have more time to change scenery between scenes. The play could run through nonstop because setup could occur on the closed stage while the play is being performed on the open stage. The trap door on the platform enabled the performance of plays because it allowed props to be transported onto and off of the stage with ease. Having it hidden from the audience when closed was a bonus because it would not disrupt the scenery. The doors on either side of the inner stage, or study, was a good structure. This is because it hid the commotion occurring backstage from the audience and actors. It also could be used when new people were entering and leaving the scene.

The tall building with flag on top proved to help the play because it drew an audience by announcing when the play was going to be performed. By having a roof over the audience, people were more likely to pay attention to the play because they would not see the open sky above them, and rather would concentrate on the play.

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