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Letter to Next Year's Teacher

Dear 11th Grade English Teacher,

I am looking forward to having a great year as an eleventh grade English student. I have important expectations for the class and plan to prepare for the class over the summer.

I would like to do a digital portfolio again this year because I think that it turns a fun spin on the standard portfolio. Making a digital portfolio in 10th grade was a good experience because it taught me a whole world of information that I had never encountered before. With the continuous growth of technology, I find computer knowledge to be extremely important. Therefore, I think it will be most beneficial to have a digital portfolio rather than a standard one.

I have high expectations for 11th grade English. My one expectation is for it to live up to the success of 10th grade English. I learned and did more in English this year than all the years in the past combined. Though the workload was often overwhelming, I found the class to extremely important towards developing as a student and a person. Therefore, I hope that the same amount of learning will take place. Additionally, I expect that a variety of assignments will be given, rather than concentrating on one type of writing. I hope that more vocabulary work will be done in order for SAT preparation. I expect that the novels the class reads will be intellectually stimulating. From myself, I expect to try my hardest so as to achieve as high of a grade as possible. I plan to build in all of the areas were I have weaknesses.

Over the summer I am going to prepare for the class. I plan on reading several books in order to keep my mind moving. Reading will build on all dimensions of my learning. I may be taking an SAT course this summer, and if I do I am sure that it will help to prepare me for 11th grade English. Also, I will be working at both a summer camp and in sales. My two jobs will develop my abilities as a speaker, viewer, and listener because I will need to act in a professional and mature manner.

I look forward to beginning a new year and hope the class will prove to be as successful as my 10th grade English class.


Nicole LaFrancesca

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